Salsafit Gym provides body-building, cardio-fitness, group training (aerobics, Pilates, Zumba, rebound etc.) and sauna services, in two large, bright and clean premises, located on the 4th (body-building) and 6th (aerobics) floors of Unirea Shopping Center. Our friendly and professional receptionists and trainers will guide you into choosing the type of training and membership that best suit your needs, and will help you (re)discover the benefits of training for fun and consistently. You will get a free extra session as a bonus on your first membership if you manage to find us.



Locatie: corp C, etaj 4

Locatie: corp C, etaj 6

Telefon: 0728.947. 271

Unirea Shopping Center Bucuresti

S.C. Unirea Shopping Center S.A.

Cod unic de inregistrare: 328521

Nr. de ordine in RC: J40/7875/1991

Capital social subscris si varsat: 7.443.720 ron

Sediu social: Bucuresti, sector 3, P-ta Unirii, nr.1